** (glass_orthodoxy) wrote,

What are some of your favorite etsy shops/sellers? I have several that I revisit that are wonderful
and I would love to expand my search to add some new pretty creations to my collection of prints and such.

Some of my recent purchases and shops that I think some of you might enjoy.

theblackapple - Her work is just so so beautiful. I love her sweet characters and the stories that go along with each individual piece. Wonderful buttons, bookplates, journals, and prints galore!

woolandwater - I love everything she creates. Her paper doll sets are brilliant

belleandboo - Beautiful quality journals and prints. One of my absolute favorites.

lucajenn - Gorgeous paper doll sets

SarahMcNeil - Amazing prints, buttons, cards, and original drawings. I love how soft and delicate her work is.

my Easter rabbit ♥

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